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Energy conservation and environmental protection
The whole truck adopts LED lights as shiner and new-type panoramic retroreflector to ensure energy conservation and power saving as well as greatly improve the performance and service life of luminaires at the same time.

The radiator adopts aluminous plate-fin radiator with better performance and higher structural strength. Impendent oil radiator, optimized oil and water heat dissipation channel and double ventilation holes on counterweight can greatly improve cooling efficiency and reliability of overloaded operation and ensure reliable operation of the engine.

Intelligentized management system (option)
Reserved plug of extending function of Intelligent module is on the wire bundles that makes truck management more convenient and rapid.

Technical Specification:
Load capacity:5,000kg-12,000kg       
Lift height:0-7000mm   
Drive type:Diesel   
Engine:Chinese Xinchai,Japanese Mitsubishi,Isuzu.Cummins,Volvo.

Technical Specification:
Auto transimission:Chinese&Japanese brand   
Tire:Pneumatic,solid tire,non-marking tire,front dual tire etc
Attachment:side shifter,fork positioner etc